Why do we exist?

7 million years of human existence and we still can’t answer with certainty the most basic of questions:

Why does you, I, the universe, our minds, your laptop, this blog, your dream girl or boy, my mother, God, … exist?

In face of this question, all we have is half-answers, untested theories, some scientific hypothesises and our personal opinions.

I think humanity will never ever solve the existence puzzle, but who doesn’t love solving challenging puzzles?

Let’s give it a try.

We exist to discover

To discover who put us here.
To discover how we get here.
To discover what our world is.
To discover what “You” is.
It’s all about discovering how the world really works.
It’s all about discovering how we as human beings really are.

We exist to evolve

Now that you know a little more about your world,

You know its limits and constraints.

You know its rules and rewards.

You are now ready!

Ready to adapt your world to you.

Ready to adapt yourself to the world.

Ready to change positively, to evolve.

Ready to create, innovate and thrive on this world.

Ready to make a better world.

Ready to make a better You.

That’s a great reason to exist for.

We exist to die

Your life is like a book, you are the author and the main character.

You write your own story by your actions, thoughts and decisions.

But every story has an end and our lives are no exception.

                                                     The END

But before you die

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Mohammed Ibourki

The Curious Why Blog


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